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Greensport Manufactory Co., Ltd is the largest manufacturer excelling in Sports and leisure products since 1994. 

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Sales Manager

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Hangzhou- -
Affiliate department:
sales department
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Job nature:
Full time
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No limit
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No limit
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2018/05/29 10:05
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1. Assist sales director in formulating overall sales strategy, sales plan and quantify sales target according to company customer development and company's strategic plan;
2. Formulate the annual sales expense budget, complete the company's assigned sales tasks; and perform KPI assessment.
3. Formulate various evaluation indicators such as sales, signing rates, and payment rates; break down sales task indicators, and formulate responsibilities and cost evaluation methods;
4. Formulate and adjust sales and operation policies; Organize and lead sales teams to complete sales targets and coordinate the handling of various market issues;
5. Coordinate customer and sales relationships; adjust sales strategy and business evaluation.
6. Responsible for supervising the implementation of the company's product sales strategy for each customer; sales price and gross profit margin and related sales expenses.
7. According to the market competition situation, forecast product's quotation, income and cost; Responsible for the construction and management of the sales force, leading the team to complete the sales target;
8. Assist higher authorities in formulating sales strategies and sales models, setting sales targets and budgets;
9. Responsible for the day-to-day management of the department and the management, guidance, training and evaluation of the department staff. To supervise and train employees in this department to ensure the confidentiality of data, confidential customer information, no bribery, and not lying.